How Do You Use Oil Absorbent Granules?

Oil absorbent granules refer to spill absorbents made of clay compounds that easily absorb oils due to their dry and porous structure. This kind of absorbent usually looks exactly like coarse sand and is normally sold in big bags.

It is the easiest and cheapest method of cleaning spilled oil because it can get into a wide range of hard-to-reach and awkward areas where other types of absorbents cannot. Here are some of the ways you can use oil absorbent granules.

To absorb paint spills

Oil Spill

You can utilize granular absorbent if you want to clean up some paint spills. All you need to do is sprinkle the oil absorbent granules on your oil spill, which allows you to sweep up and correctly dispose of the soiled absorbent material. Generally, a 10-pound bag of oil absorbent can absorb more than one gallon of liquid.

To provide traction

You can carry a bag of oil absorbent granules in the trunk of your vehicle and use it to provide tire traction, especially on icy roads.

Besides, it can also improve safety and provide traction on steps, driveways, and sidewalks. Sprinkle small amounts of oil absorbent on the ground before getting out of your vehicle for foot traction on snow or icy surfaces.

To remove musty odors

Oil absorbent granules can also be used to absorb some small amounts of water that usually leak in basements after a heavy downpour or even eliminate musty smells in such spots. You can also use it to reduce musty and damp smells in the cabins and holds of boats.

To deodorize refrigerators

You can pour oil absorbent granules into a shallow box and then put it in the middle of your refrigerator or freezer to deodorize it if it’s producing a stale odor. Unplug your fridge and leave the oil absorbent granules in for around five days.

To clean your cooking grill


Oil absorbent granules can absorb food drippings and help keep your grill clean. Generally, it offers a better draft for good cooking, and it’ll direct heat upwards due to its insulating nature. Because the oil absorbent granules soak up the drippings, the danger of flare-ups is effectively eliminated.

To remove spray paints

Oil absorbent granules can be used to eliminate spray paints on parking lots and driveways. All you need to do is sprinkle the spots with oil absorbent granules and wait for several minutes, sweep off and then dispose of the soiled absorbent material.


Accidents happen, and oil gets spilled as we do various tasks in our homes and places of work. Generally, oil spills are usually difficult to clean up, and the governments have put in place stringent rules when it comes to how you should clean up and also dispose of any waste oil.

The easiest method of cleaning up spilled oil is by utilizing oil absorbents to remove it from the area it has been spilled on. You can use oil absorbent granules to clean up oils, fuels, chemicals, paints, solvents, and many other liquids. However, oil absorbents come in many forms, so ensure that you select an absorbent suitable for your needs as well as the liquids you’ll be absorbing.