Who Are Green Runners

Green runners are a group of people who aim to protect the environment. The goal of this movement is to encourage as many individuals as possible, including walkers, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts to collect at least one piece of litter each time they venture outside to the expansive outdoors. Doing this will consequently help in the cleaning of forests effectively and using insignificant effort.

You might be wondering, however, why you should join the green runner movement. Well, here are four reasons elaborating the importance of being a green runner.

You get to run as well as save CO2 – After becoming a green runner, you will learn ways of saving CO2 while you are training in preparation for a marathon. Subsequently, this plays a massive role in the reduction of global warming, thanks to the reduced levels of CO2.


You sign up for weekly challenges – Schneider Electric donates to other NGO partners who also are in the fight against climate change. This is done for every 65KG of CO2 saved thanks to our tests.

You may win awards – You should tag your challenge picture with #Segreenrunners for the opportunity to win the weekly prize of either a custom-made Xrun coaching session or a Garmin Forerunner 235.

It motivates you to go further – If you participate in two or more competitions, you stand a chance to win a spot at the 2020 Chicago Marathon, which includes a paid flight ticket. Furthermore, Schneider Electric will compensate for the carbon footprint as a result of your trip.

Benefits of people being part of the Green Runner movement

The more people participating in this initiative, the more successful it will become. It is because collecting a piece of trash every time by yourself would not bring a big difference. However, if everyone participates and collects at least one piece of litter, there would be a significant effect felt in the cities all over the globe. Furthermore, famous personalities such as politician, musicians, and comedians have helped further the importance of this cause encouraging people on the need to keep their environment clean.


Your drive to ensures you motivate other individuals to partake in the cleaning up of the environment. Likewise, it allows you to take a proactive measure and sensitive people on the need of not throwing away items carelessly in the environment, and to understand this better, hop over to this web-site. Therefore, in a short duration, your area will be free from bags of fries, bottles, cans, and every other waste.


Having read this article, you now understand who green runners are and the vital role they play in our society. Therefore, you should sign up and be a part of this to create a better future for the coming generations.