How Do You Get Sweat Smell Out Of Gym Clothes

Going to the gym is vital because it improves a person’s fitness levels. As you exercise, you become stronger and gain other benefits such as better cardiovascular health. One thing that’s inevitable while engaging in gym activity is sweating. Sweat trickles all over your body and gets into your clothing.

This sweat in your clothing has a bad smell, and it doesn’t go away easily. You may wash and it still lingers. In this article, we’re going to look at several ways to get smell out of gym clothes.

Air the clothes before putting them in the hamper

Most people get off the gym, and the first thing they do is to stash their gym clothes into the humper. This turns out later to be a breeding site for bacteria that can affect your health.


The best thing to do is to air the clothes well once you get back home from the gym. Aeration ensures that the moisture from your sweat is dried up as it goes with the smell. You can then put them in the hamper and wait for the day when you will do laundry.

Wash the gym clothes inside-out

How you wash the gym clothes also determines if you will thoroughly remove the sweat smell or not. Such garments are always dirtiest on the inside. You need to put special focus on the inside as you wash them. check this site out to get more information.

Use vinegar

As you wash your gym clothes, you may notice that there are some odors that stick to the clothing no matter the detergent you use. In such a case, soaking them in vinegar will help completely remove the odor.

Use lemon juice

If your detergent is not removing the odor to your expectation, you can add some lemon juice. This may sound weird, but the lemon juice will add some freshness that will remove the odor from your clothes.

Add baking soda when doing laundry


Although you may be using a good detergent, you may still notice some odor. Using baking soda removes the stubborn smell for good and will save you a lot of time.

Getting your gym clothes for the next training schedule can be easy if you know the tips to use. The mentioned ones will help you to avoid worries related to getting rid of the odor.