How Do You Stay Active When Working In An Office?

Sitting in an office for prolonged periods can lead to indolence since it is associated with reduced metabolism. Your body requires some form of physical activity to not only help you stay productive in the office but also reduce the risk of developing lifestyle disorders.

Moreover, there are several other ways to help you remain active in the office, as highlighted on this website.

• Exercise before reporting to the office

Alex Mahadevan stretches and moves around the office he works in.
Carmen Mandato/ The Penny Hoarder

Engaging in some form of exercise before getting to the office can significantly help your day ahead. Exercise will energize your mind while reducing stress, which is a major contributor to inactivity for many office workers. You can walk or jog for some distance in the morning or cycle to work.

• Do not sit for too long

When you get to the office, you should try to involve yourself in regular movements around the workplace. Stand up and stretch regularly, organize for standing meetings, and deliver some information by yourself instead of calling or emailing.

During lunchtime, ensure that you do not eat while still glued onto your computer at your desk; have an active lunch break. Generally, keep yourself busy by increasing movements in and out of the office.

• Wear cozy clothes

Your mode of dressing also influences your mood while in the office. First of all, it boosts your morale when you feel comfortable in the presence of fellow workmates, plus comfortable clothes let you perform your duties effectively. Therefore, obtain a comfortable set of clothes and shoes, made of preferred fabric. During cold days, dress warmly and lightly during warm days.

• Reorganize the office

The office set up might be contributing to reduced liveliness while working. From the furniture organization to general ergonomics of operating equipment, they can lead to inactivity. You can consider appealingly rearranging the office as well as obtain equipment that feels comfy.

Final Thoughts

Long hours of sitting like in an office have adverse effects on your general health. They increase the risk of disorders resulting from stress such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Therefore, it is the highest time you considered cheering up your day in office by getting involved in multiple physical activities.