5 Secrets For Taking Incredible iPhone Travel Photos

Planning a vacation with your family and friends is the best thing that everyone wishes for. Unfortunately, vacation comes with a price and many are the times when people break their bank just to make their dreams a reality. One of the things that people spend money on buying is a camera.

However, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on a digital camera as you can use your iPhone to capture amazing photos that will create memories you can remeber many years to come. We have rounded up five secrets that will help you take incredible iPhone travel photos in all their glory.

1. Research your destination

Good travel photography starts even before you arrive at your preferred destination and you can research the location you want to visit right from your home. Conduct research and find out about the local landmarks, areas of natural beauty and amazing architecture that will make great locations for your photos.


Make good use of the internet and learn more about the region, culture and any interesting event that might be happening when you’ll be visiting. Most importantly, figure out what time the sun rises and sets as well as the expected weather during you the time you’ll be traveling. During the hot climates, the ‘golden hours’ are the best time to take photos and you can learn more about them here.

2. Prepare your iPhone

During your vacation, it’s worth understanding that you’ll be using your iPhone as your camera so prepare it adequately.

Ensure that you have enough memory that will accommodate new photos by freeing up the phone storage, transferring your old videos and photos to your computer and deleting the things you don’t need.

Also, charge your battery fully and if possible, carry with you chargeable battery case to ensure that you enjoy extra hours of shooting. If you aren’t using cellular data, turning your iPhone on Airplane Mode will save your battery power, and you can always turn it off when you want to share your photos on your social media pages.

3. Take a lot of photos


Photography is an art and taking one perfect shot might not be enough. It is always recommendable to take different photos at different angles to ensure that you have a wide selection to choose the best photos that tell a story about your vacation. With an iPhone, it is possible to use the burst mode to take as many photos as possible at once which you can later filter and delete the ones you don’t need.

4. Never use zoom

When taking photos using your iPhone, you will have an option of zooming in and out but you don’t really need to use that if you want your images to be perfect.

Experts recommend using your feet to zoom and that’s what you should do because a digital zoom degrades your photos and makes them more pixilated. Depending on what you want to capture, walk close to it and fill the frame as much as you can and the shot you take will be of great quality and admiration.

5. Keep still

If you want to have beautiful photos that will create memories, keep still and avoid waving your arms or walking when taking a picture. This is because any movement will result in poor composition and shaky pictures with low-quality focus. You should treat your iPhone in the same way you treat your digital camera and standing still will help you construct your framing as well as point of focus and the result will be attractive and eye-catching snaps.