10 Cool Street Photographers to Follow on Instagram

In today’s hustle and bustle, how often do you stop to look at the world around you? Do you see the children staring longingly at the toy store’s window display? Do you see the man playing Frisbee with his dog in the park? What about the two women laughing as they catch up on the latest gossip over a cup of coffee? Candid moments in everyday life can be beautiful and spontaneous. Whether they are showing the kindness of strangers helping one another or the sadness in a poverty-stricken area, street photography is a unique art form.

To capture cultural habits and reveal the spirit of humanity, street photographers seem to naturally gravitate towards everyday life. In capturing a moment majority of the population misses, they are immortalizing what would otherwise be soon forgotten. Below is the list of my top ten favorite street photography accounts on Instagram.

Artists who Advocate

Xyza Cruz Bacani (@xzyacruzbacani)

Bacani, a migrant and domestic worker, advocates for migrant and human right issues in Hong Kong. Through her photography, she utilizes black and white images to portray the issues she finds under-reported in an attempt to raise awareness.

Using both digital and film photography, Hylton creates colorful shots to document the people and places she sees. Advocating for gender and human rights, this Canadian freelance photographer focuses her camera lens on the issues.

Seasoned Artists

Michelle Goskopf (@michellegroskopf)

With almost twenty years of experience, Goskopf has made it a habit to take at least one photo every day. Her artwork focuses on teen culture and suburban ideology iconography.

Mike Kepka (@kepka)

Kepka is a four-time Emmy winner with over two decades of experience in photojournalism. His Instagram feed, formerly @cityexposed, features images and videos of people doing what people do best, living their lives.

Up and Coming

Serdar Ozturk (@trashhand)

Urban environments and architecture catch the eye of Ozturk, known better as Trash Hands by followers. You can currently enroll in a Skillshare class taught by Ozturk entitled “Cityscape Photography: Capture Your City’s Story”.

Chrome-Lifestyle-Image-PhotographerRyan Parrilla (@ryanparrilla)

Seventeen-year-old Parrilla has garnered a following on Instagram for his eclectic images. His use of vibrant, bold colors has helped him gain brand partnerships and features in worldwide publications.

Around the Globe

Liam Wong (@liamwong9)

Featuring shots of one of Japan’s most energetic cities, Wong’s series on Tokyo Nights (TO:KY:OO) has helped him achieve Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30”. The fluorescent glow highlighting Tokyo’s nightlife gives you a taste of the area’s culture.

Ryan Tacay (@phraction) (@phraction_street)


Originally based in Toronto, Canada, Tacay is currently working in Germany. His work pushes boundaries while trying to incorporate familiar elements.

Hannibal Renberg (@leoleoparis)

Starting as a student developing film in his apartment, Renberg has taken a different approach to photography. He now uses his iPhone to capture black and white photos of the streets in Paris.

Eugene Ivanov (@benerotto)

Based in Russia, twenty-nine-year-old Ivanov tries to create something unusual from everyday life. He has recently collaborated with a Moscow based group to create “The New Landscape” project.