When to Call a Labor Lawyer

A labor lawyer acts as an adviser to employees and employers on matters relating to labor laws. Employees will need lawyers to ensure that their rights are not violated while employers need to be protected against claims made against them.

When selecting one, make sure that they have specialized in labor laws and their experience in the industry. Here are some of the instances when you need to contact a labor lawyer

1. When sued

As an employer, you will need to contact a labor lawyer after your employee has sued you. You could have broken one of the employment laws or denied an employee some of their rights.


In workplaces, confrontations may arise between the employer and the employee who may require the intervention of an employment lawyer. You should note that you will need a lawyer when your current or former employer threatens to sue you for various reasons.

2. When there are changes in the workplace.

An employer may decide to change some policies, systems, and structures which will affect the employees’ working environment. You will need a lawyer to guide you on reducing risks and mistakes that would lead to bigger problems.

The lawyer should advise you on whether to continue with the new changes or not and if they are by the employee’s rights.

3. When an employee has not been paid all their wages.

As an employee, it is your right to be paid by your employer. If you do not receive all the wages that you have worked for, you need to contact Labor Lawyers and get assistance. The lawyer will help you to sue the employee so that they can pay you full amounts. Some employers may miss the deadline for your salary or fail to pay for the hours that you have overworked.

4. When you are asked to sign a contract

If your employer wants you to sign a contract which you do not understand, you need to contact a labor lawyer to advise you on whether to sign it or not. You may also find that the agreement you are required to sign does not comply with the employee’s laws.

5. If you are informed about investigations in your workplace.

Various employment agencies go around workplaces to investigate the working environment and practices. When you receive such a call, you should have a labor lawyer to represent you during the investigation. The labor lawyer is crucial in such a moment since some investigation may proceed to the courts.


You should always have the contacts of a reliable labor lawyer to help you even in emergencies. Make sure that you discuss with the labor lawyer about the possible outcomes of your situation before proceeding with the process. When contacting a lawyer, find out if they are from your state since labor laws are different from one state to another. You should also consider the cost of hiring the lawyers. If you feel the need to have a labor lawyer, do not hesitate but find one who will help solve all your employment problems.