Most Popular Fundraising Races in US

Fundraising is one of the methods that can facilitate the collection of money from the public to help pursue a particular course. Thus, the organizers come up with specific races that they are sure will fetch them a good return for them to meet the course budget.

Hence, it is good for the organizer to research the races that can do better in their locale since some can do better than in different area.

This article aims to discuss several races that are popular in the US.

Run race

These races involve running. Only those who are physically fit can participate in this race since it requires a lot of energy. These races can be long distances or short distances, thus depending on the well-being of the participant.


Marathon, rely, half marathons, five kilometer and others can fall under this category. These races can fetch a good return if well planned.

Fun walk

This type of race is primarily a walk that comprises people of all ages. This walk is attractive even to the elderly and those who are not physically fit to run.

The advantage of this race is that people can interact with passersby hence asking for a contribution from those who are interacting with them.

The Gala race

This event is popular since it involves dancing, dinner and entertainment, or even some raffle tickets. This race is set to support a particular course. Most of the people who are attracted by this event are adults since majority happens at night.


Sponsorship and corporate tables are some of the things that gala sell. Although gala is very expensive to make the event happen, the returns can be much is well planned and advertised.

Competition races

Competition races are organised with the aim of pooling together the participants, they contribute a certain amount of money. The participants are involved in several activities be it car races, chess game, pool tabling etc. the winners are awarded some amount ant the rest is channelled toward other events such as community development, calamities and disaster, educational and health-related issues. Furthermore, it can be used to further research in a particular area, thus dubbed as run for research.

Art Exhibit.

An art exhibition is a race where members of a community come together to display their talents for a particular purpose. Talent may include body movements, music, coral verses, and dramas extra. The organizers charge a small fee as an entrance fee, which helps to facilitate the occasion.

The reason why this race is popular is due to its attraction to people of all walks of life. The public turns out in large number; hence, the event can fetch a lot of money.

Cycling event

It involves riding bike as fast as you can, covering a particular distance. The one who completes the race first is the crowned as the winner and is given a price. The race can be organised to meet a specific course ranging from a RUN FOR RESEARCH, illness, individual stories and other causes.

Take Away.

The types of race largely depend on the participants, area, and cost. Hence, it is good for the organizer to determine who are going to participate, the terrains, and even the cost of the race.