Things to Know Before Moving to Tempe

If you’re looking forward to settling in the Arizona State, Tempe city will be the best Phoenix suburb to raise your family. The town finds its location in the southeast of the Arizona State capital. It’s a center for excellent education and experiences low rates of unemployment. Therefore, it’s considered the best place to complete your schooling and get a great career.

If you have plans to move to this fantastic Phoenix suburb, there are things you need to know before moving to Tempe. These include;

1. Tempe’s Climatic Conditions

Generally, Tempe is in a desert, and it experiences high temperatures and low rainfalls annually. The town’s annual temperature ranges from 70 to 80 degree Celsius.

The most top temperatures experiences of over 100 degree Celsius is in July and lowest of 38 degree Celsius in December. Tempe also receives an average of 9.3” of rainfall annually. If you are not used to hot weathers, be cautioned of the high temperatures you will have to cope with at Tempe.

2. Which Schools are there in Tempe?

Tempe Elementary School District constitutes of 11, 739 students distributed in 20 schools. There are approximately 767 educators, and therefore the student to educator ratio is considerate. With Tempe High School District, it constitutes six faculties. There are also a couple of Tempe Private Schools that you can consider taking your kids. If you are joining higher level education centers, Arizona State University will be the best choice for you.

The institution is among the best and has more than 60, 000 registered students. You can also consider joining the Maricopa Community College District. They will serve you with a variety of subjects for you to major.

3. Expected Cost of Living

Tempe is an area that you can quickly adapt to and afford its living style with fewer struggles. Its cost of living is 5% and 3.3% lower than of the State and the Nation respectively. According to CNN Money gages, the approximate value of living at Tempe city is $67, 337. The price for a medium home in the town adds up to $ 130, 000.


These include tempe condos for sale that are available at your disposable income. Depending on the size of your family, the cost of utilities will vary from one house to another. You will also need to run air conditioner gadgets throughout the year. Therefore, you will incur more costs in this service when compared to living in other states.

4. Mode of transport

There are a lot of freeways running throughout the city, and therefore motorists can efficiently operate within the town. The available public transport systems are also readily available and at affordable prices. A one-day pass price is $4 with a monthly ticket costing approximately $64.

Tempe also serves its residents with free bus services. Also, the University of Arizona also does offer free bus services from the University to the Mill Avenue District Flash. There are also local Temple cab services which will serve you at a reasonable price.

5. Car Registration

To obtain the state’s license, visit the Arizona Department of Transportation. Make sure that you apply for a license immediately you move into the area. The license cost approximately $25, offered without a driving test or an exam. A vision test, however, will be needed. You also need to present your ID, birth certificate or any document that proofs your identity. Your car registration price varies from $15 and above depending on the model of your vehicle. Consider also to present your out-of-state title, pass in car inspection and present the former license plates.

6. Tempe Culture

Tempe is rich in both good and bad cultural behaviors with a large number of university students living in the area. It has many restaurants and shopping sites where you can take your meals and have fun moments. Make sure you remain careful with your first days in the city and avoid much of luxury till you master the town.

In conclusion, Tempe is among the best Phoenix suburbs to raise your family in. However, it is always good to learn more about the city before you can move there. Consider understanding more of the above-discussed things you need to know before moving to Tempe. This way you will be able to prepare well.